Blood And iron
Wargaming The 19th Century European Wars


   Despite the title and the picture above this site is not just about the unification of Germany, I just really like the painting and I thought it was a catchy title. The purpose of the site is to support and hopefully create interest in wargaming the many wars that took place in Europe after Waterloo. The site will be pretty much constantly under construction so please be patient and check back often as I have no schedule for updates.

Getting Started

   So you are interested in wargaming the period but you don't know what rules are available or where to buy miniatures to create your armies, you may also be wondering where to get information on the wars, organization of the armies and painting guides for the uniforms.
The links section will direct you to places to buy books, miniatures and rules as well as other sites on wargaming. As far as rules go my favorite are
They Died For Glory, these are designed specifically for the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 but they are very popular and full of inspirational artwork and information, including full orders of battle for the early part of the war and they are an excellent set of rules. Another very popular rule set is Principles of War and also Piquet, the later I have not seen but I understand that you either love them or hate them POW I have read but have not yet played. Both Piquet and POW are designed to cover the whole period and both have separate suplements which cover each of the wars in the period specifically. They Died For Glory is still my favorite rule set and I will be using  them for all the wars with some modifications.


   My favorite part of wargaming is playing a campaign, they give battles a reason for happening and they make the players react more like a General since they know that they can't let their units get slaughtered since they will need them for the next battle and recruits won't necessarily be available.
   Currently I am working on a set of Campaign rules to cover the Franco-Prussian War (my favorite war of the period), later I'll write more for other wars in the period. When the campaign rules are complete I will offer them on this website for FREE along with reports and pictures of how the campaign is going for me and my friends.

Look at some of the lovely websites I've came across few weeks ago.

The Armchair Generals society

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